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At Island Direct Primary Care we work for you, not the insurance company. We understand that the American healthcare system is broken, and that businesses healthcare spend is increasing. We listen first so we know the health of your organization and then offer recommendations that will help you maintain a productive workforce. We care about you and your employees. We believe that companies deserve to be heard. Join hundreds of organizations in offering your employees a new way to experience healthcare.

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Common Business Island DPC Questions:

Depending on the structure of your current benefits, you may be limited on when you can enroll your employee. If you do not currently
offer benefits, you may arrange an enrollment date with Island DPC. New employees may be enrolled at time of hire or after your organizations’ probation period.

Federal law applies to organizations with greater than 50 employees. The addition of major medical and direct primary care meets the
Affordable Care Act requirements. Employers with less than 50 employees may offer direct primary care services as a benefit. It is important to note that direct primary care is not insurance.

Your organization will have a personal provider that manages all your employee’s wellness and healthcare needs. Unlike traditional primary care in which the provider may have between 2,500-4,000 patients, your provider will have less than 600. This limited patient panel allows the provider to establish personal relationships directly with your employees and their families. Additionally, a small patient panel ensure that the provider has increased availability to provide healthcare that your employee needs when they need it.

The simple answer is “no”. Island DPC customizes your primary care solution based on the needs of your company no matter how large or small.