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15% Family discount
*Infant and youth memberships must be accompanied by at least one adult membership.

Monthly Membership

$50 Enrollment Fee
$ 49 Monthly
  • Ages 0-19

Monthly Membership

$50 Enrollment Fee
$ 99 Monthly
  • Ages 20+


Customize Your Program!

Increased Productivity
Improved Work/Life Balance
Employee Retention
At Island DPC, we work for you. Taking an integrative and functional approach we strive to determine the root cause of the problem and prevent illness. We know you want a healthy workforce. Yet no one seems to listen. Employees end up feeling frustrated and companies’ healthcare spend increases.
We believe you matter. We believe companies deserve to be heard. We understand what it’s like when no one listens, so we created a better way.

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Enroll Your Employees

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Decrease Your Healthcare Spend

Enjoy Your Savings & Benefits!

Island Direct Primary Care is a great option for small, medium, & large businesses that have previously not been able to afford healthcare benefits for their employees!

Supplement Existing Insurance Benefits

Bring even more value to your greatest assets in your business – your employees! Improve retention of your top talent. With convenient access to care, companies experience a decrease in requested time off resulting in increased productivity

An Alternative To Traditional Solutions

Combine with high deductible or major medical insurance as an alternative to traditional insurance benefits for employees

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Improved Business ROI on Workforce

With our convenient plans you can experience a decrease in employees’ requested time off for healthcare appointments through increased healthcare access.

Personalization Of Healthcare Services

Offer your employees higher quality and more personalized healthcare with Island Direct Primary Care. 

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No Surprise bills

Pricing for rendered services will be discussed and provided, prior to services being rendered, for anything not listed on our Direct Primary Care Services page.

Island DPC will assist with negotiating prices for third-party services such as MRI, CT, or Ultrasound prior to the end of your consultation. Sample pricing for services at select imaging centers: MRI without Contrast $200, CT Scan without Contrast $150.