Individual Primary Care

The Island Way is for the whole family!

Have you ever felt

Healthcare should not be

We make healthcare

❌ wasted time

How much time do you sacrifice for your family or business trying to deal with your healthcare needs?

❌ Confusing Enrollment & Processes

Clipboards of redundant paperwork and questions left unanswered can create a frustrating patient experience!

❌ Unclear Financial Responsibilites

What is worse than finding out last minute that your visit or medication will cost more than you can afford?

❌ feeling like you're just a number

Most practices are buried in schedule chaos and day to day tasks. It’s hard to not feel like you are simply the “next” task on their list for the day. 

Get the healthcare that you deserve.


You deserve healthcare that works for you:

- Personal -
- Listens to your needs -
- Makes sure YOU matter -


We are ALL inclusive:

- Individuals -
- Families -
- Multicultural -
- LGBTQ+ -


We provide an integrative approach to primary care:

- Lifestyle Changes -
- Food is the best medicine -
- Proper vitamins & minerals -
- Root cause focused -


As an Island DPC member, you receive full transparency:

- Simple monthly member fee -
- No co-pays -
- No deductibles -
- No surprise bills -

Individual Primary Care Services

Below are just some of the services offered to you by Island Direct Primary Care. If you have any questions about a needed service with your membership, contact us!


• PAP Smears
• Birth Control
• Weight Management
• Hormone Health
• Sexual Health


• Hormone Health
• Weight Management
• Sexual Health


• Physical Exam
• School Exam
• Sports Physical
• Well Child Exam
• Weight Management
• Nutrition Counseling
• Vision Screening
• Cholesterol Screening
• Blood Draws
• X-rays
• STD Screening


• Cold/Flu
• Sinus Infection
• Ear Infection/Ear Pain
• Sore Throat
• Headache
• Skin Irritation/Rash
• Upset Stomach
• Eye Infection/Irritation
• Wound Care/Suturing
• Urinary Tract Infection
• Respiratory Infection


• Hypertension
• Diabetes Management
• Thyroid Health
• Asthma Management
• GERD/Acid Reflux
• Anemia
• Vitamin Deficiency
• High Cholesterol
• Joint Pain/Muscle Pain

Some Common Questions:

Island Direct Primary Care does not except insurance. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid please read the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) at the end of the Membership Agreement.

Island DPC has access to FDA EUA Molecular PCR and Rapid Antigen testing. Antibody screening is also available. While these diagnostic test and screens are not included, they are offered at a 60-70% discount for members.

Members of Island DPC never have to pay co-pays or deductibles.

Vaccine risk and benefits are discussed and are the decision of the family. Members who require vaccination will be referred to the Health Department or local pharmacy for the most cost-effective vaccine.

We understand the severity of illness. Occasionally your provider may prefer to see you at home to protect you and your family if medically necessary. Home visits are limited to a 30-minute drive radius from your primary clinic location.

Medication costs add up. Island DPC may prescribe common medications from their clinic. We work with you to find the lowest cost medications.

Island DPC can perform most lab draws at their clinic. Labs are provided at a 60-70% savings. Please request a quote for laboratories during your visit. Island DPC works with local imaging centers and have established low-cost cash pricing.

Over 80% of Island DPC patients have insurance and we encourage health insurance for major medical expenses. We view health insurance like car insurance. You do not use car insurance for tune-ups, tire rotation or oil changes. You use it when you need it. Many of our members change to a high deductible or health share plan saving hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars of annually. Ask to speak to one of our strategic partners so they can help you navigate the complex healthcare system.

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