Island DPC

Individual & Family Primary Care

Island Direct Primary Care is the Healthcare that You and Your Family Deserve.

One Place for your whole family

At Island Direct Primary Care we provide personal and accessible healthcare to the WHOLE family. This means that you won’t need to visit multiple locations just for your family to receive care. When your family is a part of Island DPC it makes it easier for you to make high-quality healthcare decisions when your provider knows you, your spouse, and your kids.

Member Testimonials

Included Primary Care Services


Hormone Health
Sexual Health



Well Child Exam
Weight Management
Nutrition Counseling
Vision Screening
Cholesterol Screening
Blood Draws
STD Screening


Sore Throat
Skin Irritation/Rash
Upset Stomach
Eye Infection/Irritation
Wound Care/Suturing
Urinary Tract Infection
Respiratory Infection

common conditions

Asthma Management
GERD/Acid Reflux
Vitamin Deficiency
High Cholesterol
Joint Pain/Muscle Pain

Monthly Membership Pricing


  • Additional family members receive a 15% discount
  • Family members ages 0-19 are only $49/mo
  • One-time $50 enrollment fee per family

Some Common Questions

Island Direct Primary Care can use your Insurance towards anything that we order such as labs, imaging, or prescriptions. However, your Insurance will not be able to be used towards the monthly membership fee.

When you’re a member with us you will receive healthcare that is accessible and personal. We know all of our patients by name and you won’t have to wait weeks to be seen. Over 80% of Island DPC patients have insurance and we encourage health insurance for major medical expenses. Many of our members change to a high deductible or health share plan, saving hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars of annually.

Your monthly membership fee of $99 covers unlimited healthcare. This means that you are able to receive care when you need and how you want. Not only does this fee cover your visits, there are many more benefits that come with being a member at Island Direct Primary Care! Give us a call or schedule a free consult if you have a specific question.

Your Team

Dr. John W. Rothwell III


I believe healthcare is the balance between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial
wellness. I actually found the concept of Direct Primary Care when I was writing my business
plan that focused on increasing access to affordable health care and disease prevention. What I
love most about the direct primary care model is spending time with my patients, learning about
them, their families, and their goals and aspirations in life. Having the opportunity to spend an
hour with our patients rather than the traditional 7-13 minutes really allows us the time to dive
into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial aspect of somebody’s life.

Dr. Nola Romberger


To me, healthcare is working to maintain the health of your body. While many of us only seek to
improve our health when we’re not feeling well, I feel that it is important to identify potential
threats to health and work towards healthy aging before illness presents. Healthcare is looking
beyond the tip of the iceberg to care for the entire person; past, present, and future. The Direct
Primary Care model enables the patent to have unlimited communication to their provider
through text on our app. This open line of communication allows me to truly get to know my
patients and allows for wonderful continuity of care.

Danielle Peele


Growing up, I have always taken more of a holistic approach to healthcare and one of the
benefits I love about Island DPC is its ability to meet the needs of the patient. Whether you are
looking to take a holistic approach or more of a traditional approach to your healthcare, Island
DPC will meet you where you are, allowing you to be in control of your health. What I love most
about Direct Primary Care is the unparalleled care that you can feel the minute you walk through
the door. Having access to text or call your provider along with hour-long appointments allows
for a higher level of care rather than being pushed in or out of your annual appointments.

Jessica Beal-Stahl


While I don’t see myself as a traditional retail pharmacist, for me, it’s more than dispensing
drugs. It’s about working with patients to achieve and maintain optimal health and giving them
hope through skills, coaching, and lifestyle changes. I love to listen to your stories and health
journeys and take the time to be more impactful by digging into underlying issues, finding the
root cause, and supporting you on your wellness journey. Therefore, I have done additional
training in integrative medicine, nutrition, female hormones, genetics, and wellness coaching.