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Island Direct Primary Care knows that the American healthcare system is broken. When governments and institutions design healthcare models, they often do not think about the emotional health of the people they effect. As a result, you may be misunderstood, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

We believe you deserve to be heard. Our approach to dis-ease is integrative. A focus on health prevention, wellness, and the root cause of illness provides the opportunity to achieve the health you desire so you can experience the life you deserve.

Meet The Team

Dr. John W. Rothwell III


I believe healthcare is the balance between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial
wellness. I actually found the concept of Direct Primary Care when I was writing my business
plan that focused on increasing access to affordable health care and disease prevention. What I
love most about the direct primary care model is spending time with my patients, learning about
them, their families, and their goals and aspirations in life. Having the opportunity to spend an
hour with our patients rather than the traditional 7-13 minutes really allows us the time to dive
into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial aspect of somebody’s life.

Dr. Nola Romberger


To me, healthcare is working to maintain the health of your body. While many of us only seek to
improve our health when we’re not feeling well, I feel that it is important to identify potential
threats to health and work towards healthy aging before illness presents. Healthcare is looking
beyond the tip of the iceberg to care for the entire person; past, present, and future. The Direct
Primary Care model enables the patent to have unlimited communication to their provider
through text on our app. This open line of communication allows me to truly get to know my
patients and allows for wonderful continuity of care.

Dawn M. Allen


After going through my own personal health issues and not being able to resolve them through
traditional medicine, I was introduced to a holistic whole body wellness approach and this
changed everything for me. I then went on to study Functional Medicine which deepened my
system approach to helping women reconnect with wellness using a root cause approach. After
several years of working with clients, I found that my true love and gift was helping women shift
their mindset and let go of preconditioned expectations that often lead to burn out and chronic
illness. I use these tools to help other high-achieving women in midlife reclaim their power, find
their voice, and take full control of their life experiences so they can feel joyfully fulfilled in the
second half of their life.

Jessica Beal-Stahl


While I don’t see myself as a traditional retail pharmacist, for me, it’s more than dispensing
drugs. It’s about working with patients to achieve and maintain optimal health and giving them
hope through skills, coaching, and lifestyle changes. I love to listen to your stories and health
journeys and take the time to be more impactful by digging into underlying issues, finding the
root cause, and supporting you on your wellness journey. Therefore, I have done additional
training in integrative medicine, nutrition, female hormones, genetics, and wellness coaching.

Danielle Peele


Growing up, I have always taken more of a holistic approach to healthcare and one of the
benefits I love about Island DPC is its ability to meet the needs of the patient. Whether you are
looking to take a holistic approach or more of a traditional approach to your healthcare, Island
DPC will meet you where you are, allowing you to be in control of your health. What I love most
about Direct Primary Care is the unparalleled care that you can feel the minute you walk through
the door. Having access to text or call your provider along with hour-long appointments allows
for a higher level of care rather than being pushed in or out of your annual appointments.

We Believed In Personalized Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves To Be Loved

We believe Everybody Should Feel Understood

We provide care plans that are personal, simple, and easy to understand.

Island DPC works for you so you can live a longer, healthier life!

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