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Health Care Focused Solely on You and Your Family

Island Direct Primary Care is a Direct Primary Care practice that works for you not the insurance company.

Same Day Appointments and Home Visits

Do you remember the days when you could call your primary care provider and get a same-day appointment, or even better, a home visit? Me neither! Island Direct Primary Care takes a personalized team approach to you and your families health providing you increased access to healthcare.


Unlimited Accessiblity

Normal hours, after hours, and even on holidays; your provider can be reached by phone, email, or text.


Increased Availability

Online scheduling for same-day or next-day appointments because you are our priority.


Home Visits

If medically necessary, a home visit may be an option.


Semi-annual Physicals

Our team-oriented approach to health care is all about you and your specific wellness goals.


Robust Technology

Our practice is patient driven and technology sound, allowing you to access providers more easily.



We offer complete transparency into our practice; pricing included.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is an innovative approach to healthcare. Unlike traditional primary care practices with over 2,500 patients, DPC practices normally cap their memberships at 600 – 700 patients. As a result, DPC providers may spend between 30-60 minutes with their members compared to the 7 – 13 minutes patients spend with traditional primary care providers.

DPC disrupts the traditional model of paying for healthcare by eliminating the overhead associated with insurance company pre-authorizations, co-pays, reimbursements, and so on. The alternative payment model increases access to premium healthcare for a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. DPC providers are accountable first and foremost to their members, not the insurance company: no fee-for-service payments, no third-party billing. The defining element of DPC is the relationship foundation between its members, their families, and the primary care provider.

Additionally, DPC has been embraced by health policymakers on both sides of the aisle as evidenced by the U.S. House of Representatives support of H.R. 6317, the “Primary Care Enhancement Act of 2018.” If passed by Congress, this act will allow House Spending Accounts (HSAs) to be used for DPC membership services.

What DPC is not:

DPC is not a health insurance plan. Island Direct Primary Care encourages all members to obtain major medical coverage for unexpected emergency department visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, or catastrophe. Members not having an existing healthcare plan will be urged to seek major medical coverage. Please contact Island Direct Primary Care for a referral to a local insurance specialist who believes service and transparency is essential to healthcare.

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“Had a wonderful first experience with Dr. Rothwell! In my initial consultation he spent nearly two hours with me, and I was able to talk about my health and ask questions I felt I was too rushed to ever ask before. You can tell he is super passionate about what he does and that he really has the patients’ best interests at heart. Also, he is super accessible to his patients. Highly recommend!”

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